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    Creating a site, taking into account the current competition, is a job worthy of only masters of their craft, and compliance with five simple principles of its design will allow the webmaster to become a professional in his field and find new customers.

    Principle One: Big Images Are Evil

    It is difficult not to succumb to the temptation and not to decorate your site with pictures in full screen. Yes, it may help to be remembered, but there are certain drawbacks. Heavy graphics increase load time, which increases the likelihood of a site not getting into the search engine index due to the fact that robots missed them. In addition, numerous effects and excessive artistry can scare away serious users who decide that they want to manipulate their attention.

    The second principle: in the combination of colors there is a hidden meaning

    Each color has its own meaning, which is perceived on a subconscious level. For example, pink is inappropriate in the design of gaming sites redleos.com/game-design-and-developement/, black in the design of blogs and pages on social networks, and green is associated with financial sites by users. You should carefully study this issue, since a mistake in choosing a color can be expensive.

    Principle three: we arrange key elements according to the rules

    There was much debate about the need to place all the key elements in the visible area of ​​the page. Designers sometimes call this area above-the-fold, which means “visible without scrolling.” In the case when it comes to the blog, you should not post all the key elements in this area – it is better to place them on the entire site in order of importance. But if the resource is related to the provision of services on the Web (for example, when it comes to the WordPress online store project redleos.com/pk/web-design-company-in-islamabad/), then in this case it is better to place the maximum number of key elements in the visible area of ​​the page.

    Fourth principle: we check compatibility with different browsers

    It is unlikely that all visitors to the site use the same browser – and your task is for all visitors to see the project as it was designed regardless of the browser and its version. Cross-browser compatibility will come to the rescue – this should be one of the first points of the technical task for the resource.

    The emergence of smartphones and tablets is an additional work for webmasters, because thanks to them it became necessary to display the site correctly in a miniature version. A good option would be to make a mobile site .

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