SoftPLC Runtime: WinForms or Windows system service?

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    Jan Vidim

    The WinForms is a standard Windows program runtime. It is on the taskbar, and you can shut it down. Its window shows the status and you can stop and start and configure the pruntime properties there. This is the easiest and most easy-to-understand way how to run a SoftPLC project on a PC platform.

    However, sometimes it is necessary to

    - protect the runtime from accidental shutdown

    - prevent access by unauthorised users

    - make sure that the program starts after the OS starts, even before a user has logged in

    This is where you use the SoftPLC Runtime running as a Windows system service. It is “invisible” for normal users, and it can be configured and controlled over the WinService manager. The WinService manager is just a program which talks to you and to the SoftPLC Runtime Service.

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