Domat and MSV 2019 Brno

The International Engineering Fair (MSV 2019) is the most important industrial fair in Central Europe. The main theme of the MSV is Industry 4.0 and the Digital Factory, in other words, the digitization of production.


The festival will also include a block of lectures and presentations organized by the magazine Časopis Automa. This year, the focus will be on Automation – what is its vision and reality?

Domat will also be on the agenda with a lecture named: Automation must pay off.

Every building management system has its own acquisition and operating costs and its installation should make economic sense. But how to appreciate the comfort or the features that cannot be “sold”?

About the examples of successful and less successful solutions, colleague Jan Vidim will speak, on Tuesday 8 October 2019 from 11:30 a.m. in hall C.

Come and visit us at MSV 2019!

We look forward,

Domat Control System