Modbus Communication, Pardubice

The training is designed for PLC and SCADA programmers, but also for others interested in integrated systems with Modbus RTU and TCP protocol. Participants will be able to specify after graduation, to design and put into run the communication between unfamiliar device Modbus and PLC or visualization.

09:00   Introduction, history, application of the Protocol, the media, the basic principles of communication, master / slave
09:30   Addressing, Modbus functions, Modbus table, building of telegram, error codes
10:00   Communication via RS485, practical exercises, reading and writing into registers, the procedure for integration of unfamiliar devices
11:00   Examples of integration in the SoftPLC environment and other programs
11:30   Modbus / TCP, relationship to the Modbus RTU, practical exercises
12:00   Modbus TCP / RTU routing, options in a networked environment, Modbus RTU tunneling through the virtual COM port
12:30   How to specify requirements on unfamiliar devices, examples of applications, advantages and disadvantages of different solutions from practice
13:00   Discussion, an open end, the possibility of further practical exercises

The program will be interspersed with short breaks for coffee. The timing will depend on the progress and specific needs of participants. Bring your own laptop with popular PLC and SCADA programs and if you have, also converter for RS485.

Please login using the telephone number +420 461 100 823 or e-mail, questions ibid.

Training is in czech language.