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Release Notes RcWare SoftPLC 2018.03.16 (v.

SoftPLC IDE/RT 2018.03.16 (v.

  • BUG_FIX: RcFileDriver fix: Use encoding from web response charset, not ASCII as default (parsing of string values with specific national characters fixed)
  • CHANGE: M-Bus meter definition updated
  • NEW: Sinvert driver added
  • NEW: New modbus module added – M/R313; Prepared for new PPC MiniRT release (20180313)
  • NEW: New device added – M/R313
  • NEW: Domat modbus devices: support for R modules (adjusted shared text description of M modules), new R modules added – R220, R330
  • NEW: SoftPlc native channel special tools: “use same guid” option added to import
  • NEW: Mini RT – new release 20180313
  • BUG_FIX: Messaging task bug-fix: Buffer for parsing of incoming SMS extended to 512 bytes
  • CHANGE: Buderus driver – write improved – switch back to normal mode immediately after write; omit update of values with length > 1 in normal mode;
  • NEW: Modbus: new module added (M/R313)
  • NEW: Modbus: new modules added – R220 (12x relay DO) and R330 (32x open collector DO)


  • support for signed BCD type (according to EN 13757-3:2013)
  • support for parsing values without specified dif/vif – div/vif contains only dib part

HMI Editor 2018.04.19 (v

  • BUG-FIX: ProgressBar “ShowText” property save/load fixed


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