HT102 – Keyboard operator unit

Actual version

File downloadHT102 – Keyboard operator unit


Firmware upgrade instruction: Please, do not switch off power supply during firmware upgrade. It is possible to upload new version of HT102 application from web browser on the device IP address (the browser PC must be in the same network). In section Administration ->Upload new firmware on device choose aforesaid folder. It is uploaded as is. Then must be device restart.

If there is problem with web connection to the device, please check that WEB DIP switch is at OFF position. If ON at power on the web a FTP access is disabled.


Release notes


  • “Delete” when creating a new TPG item: deactivated and removed


  • All POST data read correctly now
  • Fixing of the login object timer


  • TCP endpoint correction
  • Read time for RTC from PLC, 10min period
  • Login now derived from uptime rather than from RTC
  • When creating a new exception, values are set to RTC
  • Adjusting focus when creating, editing, and deleting TPG exceptions, both Esc and Enter returns focus to the original item, deleting returns focus on the next item


  • Correction of Flag communication error for all variables


  • Fixed: When disconnecting one SSCP server, the other server also stopped communicating
  • Changing the reset and timeout check at the TCP endpoint, check now only when waiting for connect / read / write
  • Reduced timeout in TCP client 1000 -> 100ms
  • Reset added after DELE of the configuration file and QUIT in FTP


  • Text translation: “Set time” and “Enter PIN”


  • Changing of “scrolling” of long texts


  • Correction of scope of object “Date Time”
  • Fixed display of ‘%’ in objects (static text, login, alarm status)


  • Fixed the “%%” symbol error before the format string


  • Change of min / max handling for analog setter


  • Scroll of all texts with variable length
  • Fix of text conversion in the menu


  • Sleep in SscpRequestsMaster modified