Licensing of the SoftPLC Runtime

Some of the Domat software products are licensed. The licensing policy is different for different products and services: some of them are paid on a one-off basis and the customer is granted to use them for an unlimited period, some are subject to regular fees.

One-off licences
RC-SoftPLC                 SoftPLC runtime for unlimited datapoints, all drivers (not necessary for  IPLC…, IPCT…, IPCB… – licence is included in the price of the PLC)
RcWare Vision              up to 2000 or 4500 data points, only for Domat PLCs
RcWare Vision x           unlimited datapoints, all drivers
RC-vision DB           up to 40 000 data points
Merbon DB                  up to 40 000 data points
Merbon SCADA/Merbon DB  Two years of free updates are included in the licence price. Upgrade for another 24 months = 20% of the license cost.

Services (annual or monthly fee)
RC-SoftPLC Proxy                   proxy server for access to process stations in closed networks
RC-SoftPLC Weather                weather forecast service
ContPort                                  web portal for energy management

How to license SoftPLC Runtime

To run the SoftPLC runtime in a Windows environment, it is necessary to license it. (This does not apply for MiniPLC, where the licence is bound to the IPLC201/301 or IPLC501/510 hardware and general licensing procedures would only make life more difficult.) Licences are of two types:

  • hardware key
    It connects to a serial port of the station (PC) where the runtime is installed. The key is transparent which means that on the same serial port the I/O module bus or another communication bus may be connected. Set the port number to connect the key set in the runtime parameters (Options): uncheck the “Do not use HW key” item.Hardware keys do not need any activation etc., they are transferrable. They mostly are used for commissioning, temprary installations, and runtimes where process station hardware change is expected or the licence activation process will not be possible to complete (internet not available etc.).
  • software licence
    This is the most common way of licensing. Software licence is bound to a particular piece of hardware after activation. To activate your licence proceed as follows:
    - order the SoftPLC licence through your sales channel. Some hardware items already contain a SoftPLC runtime licence, such as IPCTL.1 – see price list or Product overview
    - you receive a licence file (.licnum) which contains an unique licence number
    - run HW Info (one of the programs in the SoftPLC installation package) at the target hardware and select Create HW image. Enter or read the licence number from the .licnum file.
    - HW info generates the licence request file (.licreq)
    - activate the licence over the internet at – follow the hints
    - the activation process results in downloading of the .licact file, which has to be copied into the directory where the runtime is installed
    - in the runtime parameters (Options) set “Do not use HW key”, i.e. software licensing is used
    - at Windows XP/7 Embedded do not forget to save data permanently on disk (Commit CF) and restart the runtime.



What if my hardware goes wrong and I need to transfer the licence to another computer?

Ask for another activation for your licence number. This is provided for free.

How to license RcWare Vision

The SCADA package RcWare Vision proceedings are easier: after your licence has been ordered, you receive two files which have to be copied into the RcWare directory, typically C:\Program Files\RcWare in Windows XP, or C:\RcWare in Windows 7/8/10.

How to license Merbon DB

The Merbon DB licensing procedure is similar to that of the SoftPLC. Detailed step-by-step instructions can be found in the Merbon DB installation notes. Internet connectivity is required for licence activation.

How to license Merbon SCADA

The Merbon SCADA licensing procedure is executed using the Merbon SCADA installer. Detailed step-by-step instructions can be found in the Merbon SCADA installation notes. Internet connectivity is required for licence activation.