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Domat Control System – leader in retail chains technology management

Retail stores have their specifics in terms of building management systems. What are these?
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Get ready for a new wall series!

We have combined Wago hardware with our software to create a whole new range, which you will find in our offer at the turn of the year under the name wall.
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Domat has been already there for you for 15 years!

In 2004, our company had 3 members – its 3 founders. Today we have 5 departments, nearly 50 employees and we are part of the strong CEZ ESCO Group. At the beginning, we only offered two basic PLCs and one software in the Czech Republic. Today, we have countless products, an entire software family and nearly 200 distributors around the world. And none of this happened overnight. Let us remember a little bit what the road has looked like…
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Domat Highlights 2019

Our company will celebrate 15 years on the market this October. During this time Domat developed complex technology consists of PLCs, I/O modules, interface converters and number of field devices and regulators and especially the original software portfolio that pieces all the system out.
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Macros for designing in BIM – Revit

We have prepared for you the first batch of symbols for designing in BIM (Building Information Modeling). The libraries are designed for Revit version 2017 and later. There is an automatic upgrade to the newer versions. Components could be found in the classification list (HVAC Controls).
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First-hand news? Follow us on social networks!

We regularly fill our website with news, product news and events that await us. If you would like to have all the first-hand information and want to keep track of what we are going to do in the future, make sure you follow us on social networks!
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merbon scada demo

Try our Merbon SCADA for free

Demo project is an example of how a real project can look and it is possible to see the look and test the behavior of Merbon SCADA.
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What is the QR code on product labels and boxes?

You may have noticed that the product labels contain additional information besides the brand logo and product name. One of them is the QR code, which serves not only to our logistics.
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New version of Merbon SCADA 1.5.3 software

We would like to inform you about the release of the new version of Merbon SCADA 1.5.3 software on our website. This release includes modifications to both the service itself and the Merbon SCADA installer.
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The main focus is on air conditioning and consumption measurement, familiarization with our product news and an invitation to trainings that await us by the end of this year.
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