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SSCP protocol and the serial link

Sometimes we get into a situation where the only way to connect two or more controllers to each other or to the headquarters is a serial line – a two-wire line. What are the most common cases?
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Saved Merbon IDE and SCADA webinars

All our webinars will be saved for you on our youtube channel.
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Current situation with respect to COVID-19

We would like to inform you, with regard to the current situation around Coronavirus, that our company is operating without any major restrictions.
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Currently the most interesting products

Tips for excellent performance/price ratio, or unique market offering.
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Modbus routing – part 1

When designing and commissioning Modbus serial buses, we sometimes encounter situations where it would be advantageous to switch from a serial link to an Ethernet network and transmit data over it. We have described this in more detail in our two-part series.
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Modbus routing – part 2

In the next section we will look at several cases of more complex topologies and their solutions.
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Changes in the scheduled trainings

All Modbus trainings and trainings for designers are canceled due to the current situation until further notice. Merbon IDE for beginners, advanced and Merbon SCADA trainings will be in form of webinars. To all webinars we will gradually add the date of the event, including current links to youtube channel.
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You can find the updated catalog of our products on our website.
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amper 2020

Amper 2020 is POSTPONED

Amper 2020 trade fair was postponed to the usual AMPER 2021 date due to the current situation with coronavirus.
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If you would like to have an idea what our Merbon Web looks like, you can try its demo version.
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