SoftPLC Engineering Tool

  • Kapitoly

SoftPLC IDE is a software package for application development, or programming of the control system. There are runtimes installed in the process stations which process the project data. A runtime may also be run as a system service (no need for user login etc.).

Part of the runtime are communication drivers both for Domat Control System I/O modules and for other standard protocols (Advantech, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, BACnet, M-Bus, OPC client), as well as drivers for numerous 3rd party systems inclusive N2 Bus, P-bus, Saia, Landis & Gyr RWP, PRU etc. For integration of specific buses, converters are used, such as M090 for DALI lighting control, M085 and M086 for Landis & Gyr P-Bus I/O modules integration, or M095 and M096 for meter readout over M-Bus. A runtime may run even with no I/O modules connected and thus it can be an effective tool for control applications in data acquisition systems with OPC communication.


Projects are created in the Integrated Development Environment – IDE – as sets of interconnected functional blocks. Applications are fast to create and easy to maintain.

The editor contains a comprehensive function library with HVAC function blocks. In the library, there are basic analogue and digital blocks, mathematical functions inclusive goniometric and logarithmic functions, PID controllers, time schedulers (binary, multistate, and analogue), counters, alarm blocks, and special functions for HVAC applications (heat recovery, dewpoint, heating curve, average temperature in time, load shedding (E-Max), pump kick, advanced energy metering etc.).


Commissioning is fast and comfortable with communication test function: there are online process values visible in the schemes and selected values can be trended which makes tuning of the control loops easy. Context-oriented help describes the function blocks in detail, and provides examples of proper or typical usage


Touch screen panels, web pages, and LCD menu are created in the Touch Screen Editor.

Other programs in the package are:

OPC server for integration of SoftPLC into 3rd party systems

Touchscreen – a HMI module for touch screen displays, alarming, SMS and e-mail communication.

PDA – a HMI for Windows Mobile and PocketPC platforms

Webpanel – a robust web server supporting vector graphics and dynamic values update including online trends.