MiniPLC Controllers

The range of free programmable DDC controllers MiniPLC by Domat Control System is offering open system features right from the automation level.


To engineer the applications and HMI, the RcWare SoftPLC package is used. It is provided free of charge in the basic version.

The web HMI is engineered in a graphic editor so that no HTML knowledge is necessary. There are objects with displayed and set values, switches, alarms, graphs, time schedules etc. in the library.


The IPLC500 and IPLC510 are Industrial Grade Linux based process stations with extended set of drivers for 3rd parties, such as solar inverters, PLC (Landis & Gyr, Saia, Sauter, JCI etc.), and other systems. Together with the SoftPLC Proxy service they are perfect choice for retrofitting of existing HVAC plants and bringing them to a central management station over the Internet.

An intuitive editor which defines a flexible tree menu structure (measured values, set values, alarms, schedulers, PIN protected areas etc.) is used while creating the LCD display menu.

The I/O bus links the Domat Control System I/O modules configured according to the I/O mix of the plant. The MiniPLC can host up to 300 – 400 physical data points, depending on complexity of the application program. The most frequently used modules are compact I/O modules MCIO2 and MMIO which are also supplied together with the controllers in affordably priced packs.

The controllers provide following interfaces:

iplc table en

MiniPLC is the best choice for heat exchange stations, boiler rooms, or HVAC units up to about 400 I/Os, connected over a network – be it to a SCADA system or just for web access. Typical examples are heat exchange stations with several heating circuits and DHW preparation, small hotels with gas boiler, AHU, and 20-30 rooms, or heating and airconditioning of a residential object with integration of other technologies, such as pool heating, outdoor lights, watering system etc.

All MiniPLC stations communicate in an Ethernet network among each other but they also can exchange data with 8“ touch screen controllers IPCT.1 so that the system topology can be easily expanded.

MiniPLC offers economical, reliable solution for small systems with native web access. Alarms are listed on the LCD display and sent by e-mail, the IPLC301 can host a GSM modem and transmit SMS alarm messages as well as receive control messages to control the plant and set temperatures, operation modes and other values.

Network access includes web browser access, touch screen for comfortable control of one or more MiniPLCs, and / or management station hosting RcWare Vision or another open SCADA system. MiniPLC controllers are part of the open control system by Domat Control System – for seamless integration into other control and SCADA systems, the OPC server and Modbus RTU server is delivered free of charge, and heat, water, and energy meters and other technologies (e.g. heat pumps or variable speed drives) are easy to integrate even at the process level, as MiniPLC supports standard protocols as M-Bus and Modbus RTU.