Compact process stations wall

As part of the hardware platform extension program for the Merbon system, we established cooperation with major German manufacture of components for programmable PLC, WAGO Kontakttechnik GmbH. Our customers know the Wago PLCs as process stations programmable in CoDeSys IDE. In autumn 2019, these PLCs were introduced also with Merbon runtime as a new range named wall, so that the PLCs and I/O cards are programmable in the Merbon IDE.


To simplify logistics and design, the PLCs are available in packs together with I/O card mix, with optional extensions by standard I/O cards on-site.

Budget sets with I/O packs optimized for most common HVAC applications:

Typ I/O AI AO DI DO RS232/RS485
wMX mix 16  8 32 32


wCIO mix 8  8 8 8


wMXcom mix 16  8 32 32


wCIOcom mix 8  8 8 8


w750-8101 0 0 0 0 0


w750-8102 0 0  0 0 0


Full support of the wall process stations is part of the new Merbon IDE release published together with the wall series market introduction in January, 2020. The main advantages of the wall PLCs is less occupied space in the panel together with possible extensions by standard I/O cards, inclusive communication cards (in the introduction phase the RS485 card with galvanic separation).

The process stations have been deployed at pilot projects since March 2019, and AutoCAD and EPLAN macros for designers are available at the Domat website.

The new wall series is fully compatible with other components of the Domat system, such as terminals (HT200, HT102), mobile application Merbon Visual, Merbon SCADA, Merbon DB database, energy management portal ContPort, and other products.

See details in the current pricelist as well as in the respective product data sheets.

Learn Merbon program in the software and you will be supported in two different systems, wall (card) and mark (modular). The mark line does not end there and will be further developed and you will be even stronger on the market with the Domat control system.

Properties of hardware platforms with Merbon runtime could be found HERE.