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System Topology

The system topology is flat which makes designing easier, and enables stepwise extensions of the project with no obsolete hardware costs. Thanks to standard buses and protocols it is easy to integrate a 3rd party open device at any system level. Web access possible at the automation level.
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Merbon Family

merbon family popis4
Merbon IDE, SCADA, ContPort, Web, VISUAL, RunTime, DATABASE - a comprehensive family of tools and applications for energy management and building systems management.
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Operator Terminals

ht200 terminal
The operator panel HT200 with touch screen is a smart and simple way how to operate the free-programmable process stations using SoftPLC or Merbon runtime.
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I/O Modules and converters

The Domat Control System input and output modules provide standardized interfaces between the process and the control system. They are used for process controls and for data acquisition in metering systems as well. Standard modules (4/8 DO, 8/16 DI, 8 AI, 8 AO, counters), and compact modules with HVAC-optimized I/O mix are available. Communicative room controllers are also integrated at this system level.
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A broad range of Domat Control System peripherals: temperature, humidity, pressure, air quality (VOC, CO2, ozone), and light sensors with standard outputs for both indoor and outdoor usage. Termostats for air and water, safety elements, and other components provide reliable data for the superset system layers. Design room units and sensors (even customized) and valves up to DN150 for hot water, air, and cooling media make the range complete.
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