Product News

Domat Control System perceives its commitment to provide advanced solutions and up-to-date technology. As a consequence, we always do our best to introduce new products, services and product updates on a frequent basis. Below please find the list of the most important changes in the company portfolio.

Room units redesign

Domat room units and controllers have become very popular during the 8 years of market presence. In 2016, the PCBs were redesigned because a new processor type was used with better availability.
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DIP200 – Communicative movement and light intensity sensor

Stelix DIP200 is a combined communicative sensor for lighting control in public spaces, but also for interlocking of zone air conditioning controllers.
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New Modbus TCP – DALI converter: Domat R090

After the Modbus TCP – DALI converter, M090, has been successfully sold for several years, a new version is being introduced – R090 with similar functionality, yet many improvements. More information here.
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FCR011 – Fan coil controller with 230 V AC power

At installations where it is virtually impossible to bring low voltage to the controller, the FCR011 will help – fan coil controller with 230 V AC power. The controller also contains a low voltage power supply for the room unit …
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R065 – Modbus TCP – DMX converter

With the deployment of LED lights, the DMX bus also found its way to building installations. The DMX standard was originally used in theatres and its pros are high data transport speed and relatively simple communication protocol. DMX can address …
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Merbon IDE Development environment

Merbon IDE allows programming both in the function block language (FUPLA) and in the structured text language (ST) according to IEC 61131-3. It is used for configuring and engineering of the mark… freely programmable controllers. The controllers are gateway to …
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