SCADA on a dedicated workstation (h)

Management station for local SCADA

There is a SCADA (RcWare Vision) with a RC-Vision licence (for Domat process stations, no 3rd party integration, maximum 4500 data points). A 3rd party system integrated in a process station is considered as Domat datapoints.

This configuration is suitable for middle-sized and large sites and for sites where the trend and log data should be saved permanently. Detailed description of the SCADA functionality see RcWare Vision – Function overview.

The SCADA may also contain drivers for direct integration of 3rd party systems, in that case the RC-Vision-x licence for unlimited datapoints and 3rd party system integration should be ordered. However, a large choice of drivers there is in the SoftPLC Runtime. The preferred topology is then

RC-SoftPLC runtime which runs as a service on the same PC as the SCADA
RC-Vision SCADA visualising the data from the runtime.

The program operated under Windows 2000 / XP / 7 / 8  and requires Microsoft.NET 1.0 or 4.5 (the Microsoft.NET installers are free of charge).