(COM1,2), 2x RS485 (COM3, 4)

The RS485 interface can be connected directly to the I/O bus. The interface is galvanically separated and terminated by a connector with removable screw terminals marked  K+ and K-. There are 2 LEDs for each RS485:

TX (red) – transmitting data
RX (green) – receiving data

When communicating properly, both LEDs are flashing fast in turns with no larger breaks.

The Ethernet interface is used for links to the management level (SCADA, web, OPC server etc.) and for configuration and program upload. The communication follows over  Platform configurator, which is part of the SoftPLC IDE, the engineering software. For communication there is only an Ethernet cross cable necessary, or the MiniPLC must be connected in a local LAN. No other converters / communication cards / cables are necessary. The computer (notebook), which hosts the IDE, must have an Ethernet card.


The MiniPLC is installed

  • in a panel on a DIN rail, so that the LCD display and buttons are accessible only after the panel door is open, or
  • in an aperture sized 107 x 47 mm in the panel door using a metal frame (type ID FRAME) and a piece of DIN rail (150 mm length), then the display and buttons are accessible from outside of the panel.