Process stations

The process station are of two basic lines:


a platform with embedded real time operating system, containing SoftPLC runtime, compiled application, and other services like web server, Modbus serial server etc. The device are powered by 12…30 V DC, or 12…24 V AC. They contain 1 or 3 serial ports, Ethernet, and user interface – a configurable LCD display and 6 pushbuttons.

PC-based process stations

typically IPCT.1, an embedded PC with 8“ touch screen and Windows XP Embedded, which host the application software runtime. Their processing power is substantially higher than that of the MiniPLC. The touch screen works as a HMI which may control also other (Mini)PLCs in the network.

IPCT.1 uses power of 12…24 V DC / 2 A or 230 V AC with a switched power supply which is part of delivery. Exceptions see below.


The SoftPLC Runtime may run on any PC with OS Windows XP / XP Embedded / 7 / 8; this is used when the SoftPLC is utilized as a protocol converter: the SoftPLC Runtime is installed at the management station, collecting data from 3rd party systems e.g. over BACnet and acts as an OPC server for SCADA integration.

IPLC301 – connector layout