Read the tips for design and installation in forum and release notes.

Software packages

Merbon IDE

Merbon IDE

New development environment for regulation and control of technological processes for programmable controllers mark. Programming can be done in FBD (function block diagram) or in ST (structured text). Program consists of IDE – integrated development environment, WinRT – runtime for SW testing and HMI editor – tool for creating LCD menu definition and web pages.

Release notes and Merbon IDE installer download here.

RcWare SoftPLC

RcWare SoftPLC

Software package for control of technological processes, typically to be used in HVAC control systems. It consists of following programs: IDE, RT, HMI, WebPanel, HMI Editor, OPC server, Modbus serves and HW info.

Release notes and SoftPLC IDE installer download here.

User manuals:
RcWare SoftPLC IDE engineering notes
RcWare MiniPLC IDE
RcWare SoftPLC OPC
RcWare SoftPLC Modbus Mapping Editor
RcWare SoftPLC Touchscreen editor

RcWare Vision

RcWare Vision

SCADA system with rich possibilities of integration. It was originally intended for creating monitor networks of various technologies through telemetric networks and different types of local communication. The system takes advantage of the most modern software tools and communication standards, but incorporates a great deal of verified “technically standard” solutions as well.

Release notes and SoftPLC IDE installer download here.

User manuals:
RcWare Vision installation
RcWare Vision Function Overview
SMS modem configuration in RcWare Vision




The successor of domat.exe is ModComTool, a Modbus client communication tool. It brings new functions, like bus scanning with automatically changing communication parameters. It is a utility for configuration of Domat room units and controllers, UI…, UC…, FC…, as well as I/O modules, and 3rd party devices communicating over Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP.

ModComTool – User manual download here.


Digi utility

Drivers and tool for configuration of M02x, M03x, M040.

File (2900 kB)
This version is designed for:
Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Microsoft Windows Server 2008
Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
Microsoft Windows 8
Microsoft Windows 8.1
Microsoft Windows Server 2012
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2

Programm for other versions of OS is available here.


BACnet Import Tool

Tool for readout and saving of BACnet objects from any BACnet/IP device. The resulting file can be imported into RcWare Vision or to SoftPLC runtime – integrate your BACnet PLC to SCADA in a few minutes! (Requires Microsoft.NET V2.0.)

File downloadBACnet Import Tool (1084 kB)


M080, USB-RS485 converter

Drivers for M080.

File downloadM080 drivery (1 335 kB)