A broad range of Domat Control System peripherals: temperature, humidity, pressure, air quality (VOC, CO2, ozone), and light sensors with standard outputs for both indoor and outdoor usage. Termostats for air and water, safety elements, and other components provide reliable data for the superset system layers.
Design room units and sensors (even customized) and valves up to DN150 for hot water, air, and cooling media make the range complete.

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Room Units and Controllers

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Design range of communicative room units and controllers brings new dimensions in room controls. Large LCD display (60 x 60 mm) displays room temperature and status so that the data are visible up to 5 m distance. With a push/turn knob both temperature correction and operation mode change is easy, as is multi-level parameter setting inclusive weekly schedule plan.
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Room Units with CO2 Sensor

The room unit with CO2 sensor contains temperature sensor, NDIR CO2 sensor for carbon dioxide concentration measurement, optional humidity sensor, and control knob for setpoint control and other settings. The binary output is controlled either on a remote basis, or as thermostat, hygrostat or CO2 controller. The units communicate over Modbus RTU / RS485 and they can be used as open system components with majority of building control system and controllers.
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