Merbon IDE

The mark… process stations are configured and programmed in the Merbon Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Programming is supported in two languages: function blocks (FUPLA) and  structured text (ST) according to IEC 61131-3. Programming with function blocks speeds up development of simple and standard applications, while the Structured Text is more suitable for complex and special functions. Both languages can be combined in one controller.


Users may use the Simple mode where most of the functions are preconfigured with lower flexibility, or in Full mode with complete access to all program functions. The Simple mode resembles the SoftPLC IDE functionality: project size is limited to a single process station, there is a single task in the controller, and only FUPLA programming is available. Therefore, it is more suitable for beginners or projects where more engineers will be involved in commissioning: using function blocks increases readability and reduces errors. It is possible to combine function blocks with structured text in Full mode, but the main highlight is creating user functions and function blocks in both languages: FUPLA and ST.


For comfortable commissioning, Merbon IDE contains an intuitive debugger with program tracing, step-by-step debugging, and stepping into procedures and composed function blocks. It is also possible to trend the variables and monitor the serial communication (port monitor), even over the Internet. Merbon IDE thus helps saving service and commissioning costs.

The user interface attracts by its ribbon with function buttons which adapts to context and always offers functions which make sense in the current situation. The ribbon helps to speed up the learning curve and engineering. Both menu and help are available in English and Czech with possible translation into other languages. The project engineering is fast and efficient thanks to predefined functions and function blocks listed in six libraries: analogue, digital, string-oriented, communication, system functions, and HVAC functions. The libraries contain all basic ST blocks and functions according to IEC 61131-3, together with proven function blocks as we know them from SoftPLC IDE.


Merbon IDE supports Modbus RTU a TCP, both client and server, M-Bus, and IEC 62056-21 for metering data readout. Communication between process stations and to SoftPLC controllers is possible. Another attractive feature which is implemented in Merbon IDE is customizable bus devices. The devices can be modified and copied easily, which speeds up engineering of 3rd party devices like integrated room controllers, VSDs, meters, etc.

Merbon IDE requires .NET4.5 at Microsoft Windows Vista (Service Pack 2 and above), Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10.