Energy Management System

ContPort is a software package for energy analysis and maintenance of buildings and industrial plants. It consists of three main modules:

  • Service help desk and administration
  • On-line data acquisition
  • Reporting and economy evaluation

Service help desk and administration provides complete archiving of technical and sales documentation and workflow of warranty, post-warranty, and predictive servicing and maintenance. There are all relevant documents stored here necesary for safe and economical operation of technologies and buildings: project documentation, service and operation agreements, and safety audit reports. The workflow of a service event starts with reporting of a problem – either manually over a web interface, or automatic, generated by an alarm from the control and monitoring system. The service event is then processed, closed and invoiced. The preventive maintenance is planned in advance and service events are generated automatically. Part of the module is also spare part storage and management.

The on-line data acquisition module collects data from the technologies either over SCADA, or directly from PLCs and I/O modules. The data is displayed at the portal dashboard and stored in the database. These values show how efficient the operati
atures, volumes…) and energy (electricity, gas, heat, water). The data is presented at the management level and are used for efficiency evaluation and planning rather than for operative control of the technologies.on of the plant is: power consumptions of the aggregates and groups of aggregates, environmental values (solar irradiance, outside temperature, wind speed etc.), process values (temperatures, volumes…) and energy (electricity, gas, heat, water). The data is presented at the management level and are used for efficiency evaluation and planning rather than for operative control of the technologies.

The reporting and economy evaluation module works with data acquired in the previous modules, or imported into the system from other sources (such as automatic import of meteo data from the Internet or a .csv file). Different types of reports can be created, from the simple ones such as service costs of a plant for a particular period, to more complex benchmarking of similar plants in different locations related to specific units (m2, kWp, year). The reports may be generated and sent automatically to e-mail recipients.

ContPort is operating in a data center with 99.9 % availability and backup data storage at two independent locations. The core of the application is a Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which hosts the application layer and the web portal. The web user interface is available in several languages, which can be changed according to user preferences.

ContPort is designed for service and operation companies and for investors who manage more technologies and who want to have a comprehensive overview on their performance. The servicing companies use especially the application part, while their subcontractors and investors access the web portal of ContPort. The connection to the web portal is encrypted, and the data is protected according to the user levels and their access rights.


ContPort for the Energy Industry

contport_solutions_1Great emphasis is put on reliability and high energy efficiency of the equipment used for the production and distribution of energy. In order to monitor and prove these properties, we need a powerful management system which reliably collects data from manufacturing plants and stores them in an independent database protected against unauthorized intervention. Data must be presented in a form which provides a clear overview of measured and derived parameters and allows for the sufficient flexibility necessary to create one‘s own assemblies and overviews, and finally, which enables the user to compare, examine and evaluate data.

In order to evaluate the efficiency of photovoltaic power plants, ContPort calculates so-called derived parameters, such as the amount of consumed electrical power or system power indicators compliant with EN 61724. For different types of manufacturing plants/ power plants, the system mostly displays accumulated values from meters and statuses of switching elements, and overcurrent and overvoltage protection devices. These values are available on a dashboard or in customer reports generated at predefined intervals. Breakdowns, such as downtimes of strings or inverters, or lower production than expected by the system based on current conditions, are immediately reported via e-mail or SMS.

contport_solutions_2Thanks to the integration of meters and current values, investors and technology  managers  always  have a comprehensive overview of the status of the monitored technology. ContPort can also import data from other control systems and SCADA, and therefore enables comparison (benchmarking) of the technologies available in the entire manager portfolio.